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Lacuna Coil - Alba

8. 1. 2008

Lacuna Coil(1998)

1. No Need To Explain
2. The Secret...
3. This Is My Dream
4. Soul into Hades
5. FallingFalling
6. Un Fantasma Tra Noi (A Ghost Between Us)

     In A Reverie(1999)

1. Circle
2. Stately Lover
3. Honeymoon Suite
4. My Wings
5. To Myself I Turned
6. Cold
7. Reverie
8. Veins Of Glass
9. Falling Again

     Unleashed Memories(2001)

1. Heir Of A Dying Day
2. To Live Is To Hide
3. Purify
4. Senzafine
5. When A Dead Man Walks
6. 1.19
7. Cold Heritage
8. Distant Sun
9. A Current Obsession
10. Wave Of Anguish
11. Halflife
12. Trance Awake
13. Hyperfast
14. Stars


1. Swamped
2. Heaven's A Lie
3. Daylight Dancer
4. Humane
5. Self Deception
6. Aeon
7. Tight Rope
8. The Ghost Woman And The Hunter
9. Unspoken
10. Entwined
11. The Prophet Said
12. Angel's Punishment
13. Comalies


1. Fragile
2. To The Edge
3. Our Truth
4. Within Me
5. Devoted
6. You Create
7. What I See
8. Fragments Of Faith
9. Closer
10. In Visible Light
11. The Game
12. Without Fear
13. Enjoy The Silence



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